Sharing a title with the award-winning play of the same name, I Am Rohingya chronicles the journey of fourteen refugee youth who take the stage in order to depict their families' harrowing experiences during the on-going Burmese genocide of Rohingya Muslims. Leading up to the opening night of their performance, the film takes audiences through the personal lives of the child performers, capturing their struggles as they adjust to their new lives in Canada, and exploring the difficult rehearsal process of recreating scenes of horror. With no prior acting experience, these youth must come together and re-enact the stories of their people in order to show the world that they will not be forgotten.

Let the Kids Run the World

Ibrahim tries to comprehend the nature of the world. He sees some images on tv. The news depicts the incident about drowned Syrian refugees because of lack of lifejackets. He is affected negatively.
Ibrahim and his mom go shopping to one of the most crowded places in Istanbul. He notices something, and wants to buy it. This is a kind of gesture of his naïve helpfulness.


Aun Vs Sudrom


Aun vs Sudrom is a sci-fi comedy which revolves around a deadbeat Pakistani Lawyer (Aun) on the verge of losing his job. He gets hired by a woman to acquire a piece of land to fulfil her late father's dying wish, turns out it's an elaborate plan by a species of extraterrestrial aliens from planet Sudrom.

The Secret Marathon

When the first Afghan woman stood up for her freedom and ran in the Marathon of Afghanistan, she started a movement for equality that spread around the world.

Zainab’s story inspired legendary marathon runner, Martin Parnell, to imagine what his life might be like if his gender prevented him from going outside to run. Martin vowed to run in the Marathon of Afghanistan the following year to support Zainab, and partnered with filmmaker and first time marathoner, Kate McKenzie, to tell the story. To avoid making the marathon a target for terrorist attack, they must train, and travel to Afghanistan in secret, where they will uncover unexpected beauty, incredible hardships, and the amazing people who stand for change. This is the story of the brave Afghan women who are risking it all for the freedom to run.


Unmarked Grave


Unmarked Grave is a film based in rural Balochistan, Pakistan about a worrisome son, Bahraam, living in rough conditions, going on a journey to the city to find a cure for his mother’s illness. Bahraam comes across financial disparities, terror, and more when his only concern is his mothers well-being.

The Mask of Noor

The Mask of Noor is a psychological thriller about a strange teen Noor, who's a suspect in a robbery. After interrogation by detectives, a shocking discovery is made.


Out of Context: Volume 1


“Out of Context” is a comedy webseries aiming to add a new twist to short-form storytelling by dropping its audience into wild and memorable scenarios without any context - leaving them delightfully confused. Volume 1 of our series consists of 6 episodes, 60 seconds each.


Amritsar takes place in 1947, when the British empire dismantled its charge from Hindustan, leaving riots and bloodshed behind. A group of police officers, furious with the idea of partition of Punjab decides to take matters in their own hand inside a jail where Muslim freedom fighters are held captive. A Sikh officer, Pawandeep Singh decides to help a newly brought Muslim prisoner, who happened to be his childhood friend.


From Syria To Hope


"From Syria To Hope" is an official Films With A Cause documentary directed by Yazmeen Kanji. The film was made in collaboration with York Region Muslims to explore the lives of three Syrian families who arrived to Canada under refugee status. Each family lives in the Greater Toronto Area and has a unique story. The individuals featured in the film reflect on their hopes and dreams after having no choice but to leave their homes in war-torn Syria. The film is intended to be an educational tool to combat discrimination, islamophobia and xenophobia.

First Stop

In the small hours of the night, Nasim (Hasnain Ali), a Pakistani American gas station attendant, is bored and killing time listening to the news at work. Molly (Dena Tyler), a white woman pulls in to the gas station to fill up her car. All of her credit cards are declined and after an exchange with Nasim, Molly realizes her abusive husband has canceled all her cards to prevent her from leaving him. Just as Molly is about to give up, an unsolicited act of kindness saves her from the desperate situation.