That Night's Train

A primary school teacher, meantime a novelist, wants to write her new story with the help of her students. The story is about a little girl who has lost her mother and her heart lies in the love of a school teacher.

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City of Men


In an orthodox & strict Pashtun house of Peshawar, that is led by a patriarchal mother - two naïve & rebellious girls' mischievous plans become alarming!
The Protagonist, Gul Wareen's misconduct is troubling for the house, where 'Pashtunwali' must persist & women MUST hold on to their honor (ghairat) and shield themselves from the evil, punishing gods of the house. The cost of dreams may be consequential for the girls, who mustn't flee from the 'City of Men'.

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Lota Vacation

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Frustrated with his Muslim friends and their assimilation into western culture, Omar makes an impromptu trip to Pakistan.


Fruit Chaat

Fruit Chaat Is Pakistan's First Short Comedy Film On Disability Highlighting Problems Such As Access To Education, Employment & Marriage In A Comic Way To Sensitize And Entertain The Audience.

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The Card

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A businesswoman loses her credit card at a café just as she is about to secure an important transaction. In her frantic search to find the card, she acts impulsively.


Blue Veil

In the wake of 9/11 and after losing her mother, Amina, a Muslim teenager struggles with the gaze of Islamaphobia; from surveillance to the 24-hour news cycle. Until she discovers and begins sampling her mother’s record collection. The songs reflect her parent's migration stories to America, and serve as a roadmap to Amina’s identity. Music unlocks memories and Amina remembers who she is.

Through the intersection of music and memory, this hybrid film blurs the lines between surveillance and archival repair. It is indiscernible to know “who is watching who,” but in a world that is watching, Amina chooses how she sees herself.

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Pray Beyond Borders

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Along the thousand-plus mile US/Mexico border there is only one place where families who have been separated by immigration policies have the ability to meet. At Friendship Park in Tijuana/ San Diego, the Border Church has committed to holding a binational service every Sunday to protect the right of families to meet in person. The Muslim community, similarly inspired to stand for justice in the borderlands, joined the Border Church to pray at the most militarized border in the world. This is the story of people coming together, across borders, across communities, across faiths, across languages, to stand united for justice and pray beyond borders.


PSA: Prayer Space Awareness

A Public Service Announcement for all those who wish to pray in public, but may feel a little disheartened or embarrassed to embrace their faith.

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Emergency Contact

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A young woman is dropped off at a carpool lot after she is released from a short stay in prison. She comes to an unexpected realization as she seeks refuge with the help of a stranger.