How many times have you scrolled through Netflix and found a story that pertains to Muslims, is created by Muslims or brings to light the Muslim narrative? Although Toronto is home to a large community of filmmakers and creatives, there is one group of filmmakers that are missing. The Muslim International Film Festival (MIFF) was founded with one vision in mind: to provide a platform for the current and aspiring filmmakers, videographers, designers, creatives, media junkies and moviegoers to portray Muslim excellence on the big screen. As an international platform, MIFF aims to include and showcase the diverse voices of anyone whose mind is bursting with a story and a dream to bring it to life. Since launching in 2020, MIFF’s goal is to establish a community of filmmakers and unlock the potential for Muslim excellence to thrive. Connecting with people from all across the globe, MIFF aims to host one of the largest events to showcase talent in the arts. Considering this city is the hub for diversity and artistic expression, there is no better place to begin this dream than in Toronto.

Whether you are an actor, videographer, artist, director, writer, film student, or just a film junkie,  check us out and help us develop a legacy for Muslims in the arts.


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